Poppaea Arrives | Historical Gossip

Want to learn a little Roman Imperial history? Here is a gossip magazine style article I created around 3 years ago to reflect the ‘gossip’ style of biography and history recorded by contemporary Roman historians such as Suetonius and Tacitus. It might read  as unbelievable but I promise you it is entirely adapted from ancient sources. I cannot, however, make any promises regarding how factual it is; the Ancient Romans loved a gossip.

mag for blog (1)mag for blog 2.5 (1).jpgmag for blog 2

If you enjoyed this do let me know as I have a follow up article on how the relationship between Poppaea Sabina and Nero culminated. If you’d like to read the ancient material check out Suetonius’ ‘The 12 Caesars‘, Tacitus’ ‘The Annals‘ and some of the works of Dio Chrysostom.

9 thoughts on “Poppaea Arrives | Historical Gossip

    • Thanks that is great to hear! I’d love to do more and maybe use this format to present bits of my own research and women’s lives in Greece so I thought it’d be good to share this and the other to see if people find it fun ^_^


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