10 Books Reading Challenge

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That’s right everyone, I have met my Goodreads reading goal for 2017! We are two months into the year and I’ve already hit that coveted goal, so why bother reading any more for the next ten months? Bring on the TV binge watching.

I know that last year when I changed my Goodreads reading goal to 10 books I had a few questions about why I’d set my challenge to such a ‘low’ target. Since this is a number I have decided to stick with I thought I might address the issue of ‘why’ in a wee blog post.

Now I don’t necessarily find having a reading goals in themselves offputting. For some in fact, and even for myself at certain times in my life, they can be quite inspiring, which is fantastic. I have never been one for aiming higher than I can reasonably achieve when it comes to how many books I can read in a year; since I got back into reading during university I have usually set my reading goal for a given year as sixty books. That is an average of five books a month. That to me is the perfect balance between reading a substantial yet manageable amount in a month given how much time I have to read recreationally and the speed that I read at. So, the pressure of reading goals wasn’t what made me lower my reading goal on Goodreads.

The reason I’ve decided to go for a ten book challenge is because I’ve come to the conclusion that for me the number of books I read isn’t the challenge I want to set for myself. I tend to read shorter books, which makes it easier to bump up my numbers, but I would like to pick up a few of the larger books on my shelf. As well as physically longer books I want to read more of the books that regardless of length will take me more time to read i.e. non-fiction on topics I am less familiar with. I also, and this has nothing to do with time, want to challenge myself to read more diversely in terms of the authors I’m picking up, as well as pick up more translated works. These are the ways in which I want to challenge myself as a reader.

Setting my reading goal on Goodreads to ten books is simply a reminder to myself to focus on these elements of my reading as opposed to numbers. I am sure there are many of you who will be thinking ‘I can do both’ and that is great! Whatever works for you. I have just come to the conclusion that I do not care how many books I read in a year anymore. I am back into the swing of reading regularly for myself so do not feel as though I need a reminder to read more in terms of numbers. My life has also steadily gotten busier and busier and I do not want to feel disheartened if this impacts the number of books I am reading overall. Ten seemed like a number that I could meet my other goals within even if I did not read any more than that for whatever reason.

I want what I read to be defined by words, not numbers.

Challenging myself to read a certain number of books in a year (above ten) simply holds no appeal to me at this moment. Maybe it will again, but for now, you have my reasons ;).

4 thoughts on “10 Books Reading Challenge

  1. This is a very good way to motivate yourself. I usually set a goal of 50 books as I know, that I can read so much despite other commitments. I must admit that books have become shorter since I had a baby, but I try to keep up with my goal even if half of the books are short and have many pictures in them (I started reading more graphic novels). I always check the number of pages for each year to see the real amount of reading I have done in a year. Setting reading goals is very personal and there are many reading challenges that could be inspirational and work as great motivation.


  2. In 2016 I set my reading goal at one for the same reason, after seeing a similar post from another blogger. I realised setting a goal (which was always a little more than what I thought I could realistically read) just put pressure on me in so many ways, including only reading small books and neglecting the really large volumes that were sitting on my shelf. This year I didn’t set anything (but I might set it at something like 12) and I feel zero pressure which, given reading is my relation, is the way it should be.


  3. I have always set my goal to 100 books but it stressed me out so much. I used to put all this pressure on myself. This year, I set my goal to 75 books and I am mood reading for the most part and it has changed my life. I feel like I am reading how I used to before I discovered Goodreads and Booktube. I didn’t lower it that much but it has made a huge difference. I am 4 books ahead of my goal too!


  4. I always have a look at the amount of pages I’ve read in a challenge year (under the stats function)…If I want to better the volume I’m reading, I set an internal challenge to best last years pages read # by a thousand. This year I’m gunning for 12 000 🙂 This helps when you have a year taken up with The name of the Wind and Game of Thrones!
    I wish Goodreads had the option of changing the challenge goals..


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