YouTuber. Research Student. Creative Producer. Writer. Presenter.

I create an array of online content from videos to podcasts, as well as written pieces.
I regularly upload to my youtube channel,, where I chat all things literature, studying, history and political/social issues.

In addition to this, I run a podcast called That’s Ancient History, more details of which can be found here.

I am available for public speaking events and as a panel/interview chair.

I also offer talks for children and adults (catered to different age-ranges) on Greek and Roman mythology. Please email for more details.

I have chaired and spoken on panels at literary festivals, academic conferences and YouTube conventions. I have interviewed various authors on and off camera. I have spoken on topics including social media, literature and ancient history/mythology aimed at audiences all the way from primary school aged children to adults. I have also taught mythology and ancient history to university students .

At the moment I am conducting research related to sexual violence towards women in Classical Athens at The University of Roehampton, in order to attain my PhD. I have completed both an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in classics at The University of Edinburgh. My specialties are Greek literature, Athenian law, sexual violence in Greek myth and the history of women and sex in Classical Greece.

Between September ’16 and December ’17 I was the Creative Producer at the UK-based publishing house Pan Macmillan and I was responsible for the literary video series Book Break, which you can watch at

In 2016 I also contributed regular political and literary video content to BBC Scotland’s The Social, including an informative series on how to vote. I have also presented videos for BBC Bitesize and appeared as a panelist on BBC Authors Live with Scottish Book Trust.

If you are interested in working with me in a speaker or presenter capacity then please do email me at jeansthought [at]

If you would like to get in touch to either send me items for review or discuss working together on any other projects then please also email me at jeansthoughts [at]

If you just want to say hi or ask me a quick question you can easily send me a message or a tweet on one of my social media accounts, all of which are linked here.

This blog features written pieces on topics from current affairs to literature and much much more.


9 thoughts on “Jean

      • That’s exactly my experience but in reverse! When I started my channel it was to talk in a more general, casual way about the books I love, because I had started to feel that my blog was a bit impersonal, but I’ve been on booktube for a few months now, and my blog has actually changed quite a bit as a result. It would be interesting to see if your channel changes as a result of having the blog!


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